HUMAN ERROR – Upon A Throne Of Greed

Luke Griffin has made a name for himself in extreme metal. Being the vocalist for Acrania, many fans of brutal death and slam probably have heard his vocals, or at least recognize his name. In 2017, his new band, Human Error, released their EP “Upon a Throne of Greed”, and it’s an example of slam done well. It’s by no means a masterpiece, it’s a solid piece of extreme metal with well written songs, and some fantastic guest vocals. “Societal Paralysis” opens up with some distorted speaking, before the haunting lead, combined with the chugging take over. This album features a lot of chugging under a lead that actually gives this album some feeling of rhythm. The first guest spot on this album is on the next track, “Intus Diabolis”. Mark Poida from Aversions Crown makes an appearance on here.

Overall this track is faster paced than the previous one, and features some really nice slams. “Synthetic Euphoria” is a nice continuation on the chugging/lead formula features heavily on here, and adds a nice guitar solo to the mix. “Billions Made as Millions Die” is a less heavy track, but is a much darker one. This song is a really nice change of pace compared to the previous ones, and has a nice feature from Dickie Allen. Lastly on here, we have “Human Error”. Bringing on Ben Duerr, this song is medium paced, and ends the album on a nice chug heavy song. This is a very solid EP. It by no means will blow your mind, but if you like this style, you’ll easily find something to enjoy. From the well done guest spots, to the pure heaviness, this is something you should listen to.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Sam Hookom



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