ENTHEOS – Dark Future

Featuring former members from The Faceless, Animals As Leaders and Animosity, Entheos are a upcoming technical death metal band that were formed in 2015 and are back to record the band’s sophomore release of Dark Future. Prior to 2016’s The Infinite Nothing, Dark Future continues in the right musical direction as their technical elements, catchy atmosphere passages and matured songwriting these Californian’s kept Dark Future not only a incredibly crafted technical death metal album but it also features some explosive melodies and wonderfully made structures makes the album a entertaining experience to listen to.

Opening track Black Static (I)” demonstrates what this band has to offer from the vocals engulfed with virtuosity, to the colorful auras of the album’s production this album keeps the instrumentals, mixing and the chemistry displayed here is nothing but fantastic all the way through. White Noise (II) for example is a great representation with the song focusing on rampant energies, whirls with hysteria and within the constant rotations of the instruments played in the album it’s absolutely on point continuing to provide hectic drum work, and a layer of bass pumping away at the album’s greatest foundation to date. Entheos’s Dark Future takes technical death metal to whole new level to explore variety, experimentation and keeping the listeners engaged to witness such great extremities of extreme metal.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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