Astriferous – Pulsations from the Black Orb Album Review


All the way from the shorelines of Costa Rica, Astriferous has created one of the best albums in the underground as far as death metal is concerned. This is a record you must dive into from front to back.

Their style of death metal is despairing, decaying, and unsettling. It might as well belong in the disgusting sewers because it is full of savagery, bludgeoning every living surface possible.

Astriferous takes many inspirations from the Finnish death metal scene with bands like Abhorrence and Demilich. But the way they incorporate the Finnish death metal signatures with their own modernized twist is sensational.

Everything, from the vocals, guitars, bass, drums, and instrumentation, works well and is audible and crystal clear. You can detect the band’s respected instrument in the correct sequence, the notes, and chord progressions present.

What makes this album sickening, raw, and pulverizing is the production that brings both the Finnish and Swedish death metal undertones. This record is a love child and a letter to pay homage to the bands who play that style of death metal.

The members of Astriferous are not only extremely talented musicians, but Pulsations From The Black Orb is also one of the best records to come out of the underground. Fans of this style of music will not be disappointed.

Overall score 
Review by Jake Butler 


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