HELLFROST AND FIRE – Fire, Frost And Hell

If I haven’t said this before I’ll say it once more, Transcending Obscurity Records is by far one of the hardest working extreme metal labels around and since 2021 been an absolute thrill ride with a handful of releases from this record label, 2022 is gonna become the same thing and I guarantee that they’re gonna be even more discussed in the distant future. Now, Hellfrost And Fire is a upcoming old school death metal band fronted by the legendary frontman David Ingram which you all know his work for the band Benediction and this time around, his new project is filled with astonishing power, pounding and unrelenting pieces of extreme metal music that surely met my expectations sky-high.

Musically and sonically speaking, if you’re fans of the genre expect what’s going to offer because if you love music that has a doomy, groove style soundscapes and punishing flavors of old school death metal musical wonders, this album is for you. From the bone-chilling and disgusting passages of Throne Of Infinite Illusion, Across The Bridge Of Tryants and The Lost King And The Heir Apparent this is a new entity with spirits being unholy have created a new offering in the band’s catalog and with their style, Hellfrost And Fire’s style of extreme music is very commanding and assaulted but rather keep the dynamics and presentation sounding fiercer and explosive. This band also provides such chaotic, darkened and furious musical leads as the tracks are filled with such filth and spiciness to keep the instrumentals, songwriting and fluidity to be as accessible and intelligent without losing its sense of sound.

This is not only a short and sweet recording of providing the listener to know what they’re going to expect, but keeping things more intrigued, more things to be as productive, more things to have such respect and appreciation as these musicians are able to demonstrate the true power and meaning of what the music truly means. Even the secondary half of this record for instance like the tracks Debris Wrought From Winter and Within And Without The Emperor’s Frontier giving it that raw, abrasive and yet contemporary sound of guitars sounding very comfortable in its place to the vocals providing a old school death metal signature sound while also having doom arrangements really gives it that early to mid 90’s aesthetic in which some songs do contain some thrashy elements here and there but rest assure this is a old school death metal fans paradise and I can surely say this record is a absolute pleasure listening to it front to back made me feel appreciative to know what this band is all about. Fire, Frost And Hell is a very genuine and rebellious album that is highly-qualified and recommended for fans of extreme metal and music only.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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