OUR PLACE OF WORSHIP IS SILENCE – With Inexorable Suffering

Death metal is a dark genre, and when it leans heavily into a very dark tone, it can be done in a way that makes it both great, and greatly disturbing. Our Place Of Worship Is Silence is a band that leans heavily into the dark side of their sound, and while their latest album, called “With Inexorable Suffering” isn’t a world changing album by any stretch of the imagination, it’s still an album that feels dark and gritty in the best way possible. “Artificial Purgatory” is the opening song on the album, and the immediate guitar that opens the song is very well done. While this song serves mostly as an instrumental intro, the band wastes no time in getting heavy. Up next is “Chronicles of Annihilation”, and this song is a very fast-paced, well-written, and haunting track. Every piece of the songwriting fits to create a great product, that is only slightly hurt by the production quality, which I found a bit lacking.

“The Blind Chimera” marches on, time adding some chaotic writing to the mix, giving this song a disorienting feel. That’s not a negative. This song uses this chaotic songwriting to make the listener feel unsettled, which only adds to the album’s darkness. This leads into “Labyrinth Disorientation”, which opens with a nice riff, and has a straight-up evil sound. The solo on here is worth mentioning, as it is not only just a good solo, but it also fits within the songwriting and doesn’t feel forced in. “Defiance and Upheaval” has a very heavy opening, and continues blending fast and heavy writing with pure chaos. The riffs ground themselves firmly in the death metal genre, but the songwriting that surrounds them gives this song a unique feel. Another great riff starts off “The Decay Maxim”, which is another fast and heavy song, with a very haunting guitar. While this track doesn’t do a whole lot of new, it still is a strong effort from the band.

“Lawlessness Will Abound” is the final song on this album, and is the longest at just about eight-minutes in length. This song is well written, however it is a lot more of similar things heard on the previous songs. As a final track, it is good though, and definitely is just another good song from this band. This is a very solid album. While it does have its missteps here and there, those can be overlooked when considering the positives of this album. However, considering the positives on this album is kind of ironic when you look at how dark and evil this album is. This isn’t a fun album, but it’s a damn good one.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Sam Hookom



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