SILENCE.COLD.ALONE. – Lamentations Of The Falling Snow/Howling

Ambient and atmospheric black metal is some of the most enchanting and eerie of the metal sub-genres and if a band can achieve giving you chills down your spine, then they did it right. Greenland’s Silence.Cold.Alone. has achieved this by releasing their two song album titled Lamentations Of The Falling Snow/Howling. Each track is close to 18 minutes and have every aspect needed in a great atmospheric black metal release.

The album starts with the track Lamentations Of The Falling Snow which features an intro of the wind howling then packs a punch with aggressive and fast black metal riffing and blast beats. As the song progresses, the use of haunting keyboard melodies dance in the background before leading to a slowed down tempo change that feels more like a DSBM track before picking up again. The next track Howling begins with a similar wind blowing but opens up to an orchestral melody. This soon transitions into more straight forward black metal riffage and blasts accompanied with disembodied screams and melodic keyboards and some folk flute passages.

This is a truly solid release from a band that has little information and has only began this year. The instrumentation, melodies, transitions, vocals and everything are beautifully executed and makes this a very strong debut. If you are a fan of atmospheric, ambient, melodic or depressive black metal, then do not sleep on getting this album as I can see Silence.Cold.Alone. making a name in the metal underground.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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