Asphagor – Pyrogenesis Album Review

For a number of years, as a people, we were overusing the word, “epic.” If aliens were monitoring our
conversations, they would think we live much more exciting lives than we actually do. “Dude, that corn
dog was EPIC.” It’s just a regular corn dog, Chad. However, I think enough time has passed that I can use
the word in proper context without it being misconstrued as hyperbole. So, when I tell you the new
release from Asphagor, Pyrogenesis, is epic, you know exactly what I mean.

Clocking in at just a few minutes over an hour, Pyrogenesis is 11 tracks of epic blackened death metal.
I’m not even talking about symphonic or overproduced epicness here. I mean the whole album just
sounds enormous. It feels like it is being played in a tremendous, but acoustically sound, cavern.

Asphagor really nails down the sound as well. The combination of old school death metal and black
metal is in perfect balance. Nothing is repetitive or boring through the whole hour as well. Sometimes
death metal and black metal albums can sound too homogenous, causing me to just zone out and forget
I am even listening to music. That’s just what happens when there isn’t enough diversity of sound and
dynamics. Pyrogenesis, does not leaving you wanting. It is incredibly dynamic and interesting. The only
thing you might want after listening is more Asphagor.

Turning back to my “epic” example, it can be hard these days find something that stands out. We have
access to any band that has recorded and uploaded music. There is such an abundance of music to
consume, and it can exhaust your ear a bit. Trends come and go, and bands ride those waves straight
into sounding exactly like the one right next to them. Asphagor stands out with Pyrogenesis. If we still
got all our music digging through CDs and records at the local shop, this would be an EPIC find.

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Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by: Dan Perretta


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