We took a moment to speak with the progressive death metal kings KROSIS about their music and what they like out there in the metal realm!

MPM: Please introduce yourselves to what you do in the band:

KROSIS: Hello, I’m Daniel and I play drums for Krosis!

MPM: How did Krosis formed?

KROSIS: Our 2 guitarists had a project before Krosis was really a thing called Above the Tides, and I had played several shows with them while I was in a former band myself, which was how we came to know one another. Time passed, and one day, one of those guitarists, Adam, walked into the restaurant I worked at and I happened to serve his table. After some conversation, he told me his new project was looking for a drummer. I told him that I was looking for a band. Right place, right time. Then we picked up Brian some time later as our bassist and Krosis was fully equipped instrumentally. We’ve had a couple vocalists over the 3 year span as a band, but the dude we just picked up is a keeper to say the least.”

MPM: What inspired you to become a drummer and do you have any musical influences?

KROSIS: I’ve loved drums and music since I was a little boy. Everything from hip hop to jazz to rock always entertained me with the cool beats I heard within them. One Christmas morning, my parents surprised me with an M&M trail on the ground leading to my own kit, and the rest is history. Musically, my top 3 influences for drumming recently are Matt Halpern, Alex Rüdinger, and Aric Improta. Thomas Lang, Chris Adler, and Buddy Rich are drummers I’ve idolized for nearly a decade though.

MPM: You guys are based out of North Carolina and what was the idea to form a band in that state?

KROSIS: Actually, and I can’t give too much information until we officially announce the new vocalist, our new singer is in VA. We’ve all lived in like, a 30 mile or less radius from one another aside from him, though, so we set up shop in Raleigh for practices and usually meet at the persons house that’s most convenient for other band related gatherings.

MPM: Your latest album, “Solem Vatem” was released through Unique Leader Records what was it like being on the label and how was the response from fans?

KROSIS: I’ll never forget the feeling I had when our manager called me and told me that we had an album contract with Unique Leader Records. I’m so thankful and humbled to have been on a label alongside bands like Rings of Saturn and Fallujah. I only hope that Solem Vatem lived up to the myriad of other insanely great releases that UL has been home to. The response was definitely a diverse grab bag of feedback. Some of the more stick-to-your-roots old-school death metal fans were a little thrown off by our usage of odd instruments and sounds in our stuff, and to each their own. Our stuff isn’t for everyone, it seems, and as a band that pushes boundaries, especially with the usage of clean vocals and “pretty” parts, we were sure to displease at least part of the more…elitist metal community. Aside from that, the response was overwhelmingly positive, and we’re all so grateful for that. I even saw some people comment things like “album of the year”, which I think is a massive exaggeration [laughs] especially with all the great releases this year, but it was thrilling to hear nonetheless.

MPM: How was the songwriting process and what was it like playing a style of deathcore?

KROSIS: We lock ourselves in the studio room and produce what comes from our heads. Seriously. Brandon, being our producer as well as our other guitarist, gives us the privilege of having our own studio to write, record, modify, edit, and improve as often as we want. We’re all deathcore fans, whether it’s for old school Carnifex or new school Shadow of Intent. But at heart, we’re all prog snobs who love to djent, get melodic, mess with weird time signatures, and be experimental with our creativity. Combining that with deathcore is always a unique but exciting challenge.

MPM: What’s your input on the current state of extreme music?

KROSIS: That’s a question that I could spend all night on. I think the bands that are making new stuff currently are some of the best in the history of underground metal. We have such a diverse range of bands now that there’s something for everyone. That’s awesome. The business/social side of things is a different story. The industry is suffering due to a number of factors, especially with Facebook’s garbage algorithms and the lack of purchases of albums and hard copy music compared to 10-20 years ago. But, such is any industry, and we as artists must evolve with it or die out.

MPM: Are there any artists you’re looking forward to hear in 2018?

KROSIS: Rivers of Nihil. I need a PART 2 TO THAT ALBUM. God Almighty, that band is something else. I’ve also been on a huge Inferi kick lately. I know Behemoth is coming out with new stuff and Dimmu Borgir just dropped new stuff. I’m hoping for new Fallujah or Fleshgod Apocalypse sometime this year too. Long live black metal and tech death. Shout out to our boys in Lunaform, too. Their EP was bangin’ and I need more from them ASAP.

MPM: Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to be a drummer?

KROSIS: There’s no advice to give aside from 1000% go freakin’ do it, and don’t think twice. The world is yours. I started playing almost a decade ago in my uncle’s weight room jamming with him and after some hard work and dedication, I get to live my dream. Anyone and everyone can do the same, if not more. I’m obviously biased, but drums are the best instrument in the world, and I’d give every kid the opportunity to play them if I could. It’s so therapeutic and releasing. Go buy sticks and save up a couple hundred bucks for some shotty beginners kit. It’ll be the best thing you ever do.

MPM: And is there any last words you want to inform your fans for the future time being?

KROSIS: I would inform them how indescribably grateful and thankful and honored we are to have them as fans. We pour our souls and lives into this, and to see our level of passion matched with a similar level of enjoyment and interest in our project is so validating and uplifting. I can’t even express it in words. We’ve only been doing this Krosis thing for 3 years, and already we’ve made so many incredible friends along the way. I know we wouldn’t trade this for anything, no matter the sacrifices. I can’t wait to reveal our new vocalist and the new face of Krosis. He’s a monster, an absolute demon on the mic. Thank you to 10 and 8 management for everything they do, Unique Leader Records for hooking up Solem Vatem in a way that we could’ve never done ourselves, Anchor Drums, Soultone Cymbals, Xcel Drumsticks, and Vratim shoes for being such incredible partners, and all our listeners worldwide. I love all of you dearly, and trust me when I say Krosis is just getting started.


Interview by Jake Butler



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