We took a moment to speak with Aborted/Hideous Divinity bassist Stefano Franceschini to chat about their upcoming Album Terrorvision, touring and much more!

MPM: Please introduce yourselves to what you do in the band

Stefano: Hi there, this is Stefano and I play bass in Aborted. And first of all, thank you, Jake, for the interview!

MPM: As a musician, what’s it like to be apart of the Death Metal community?

Stefano: It’s a nice interesting world for sure, and I feel pretty lucky being able to do what I like with the people I love working with.

MPM: How do you invest your time being in two different bands such as Aborted and Hideous Divinity?

Stefano: Touring is essentially the key factor time-wise, it’s what I do the most with my two bands. When I’m not touring I teach bass lessons and sometimes work in studio for other bands/projects as a session bass player.

MPM: You’re about to go on tour with some of the biggest bands in extreme music today with Cytotoxin, Cryptopsy and Benighted. What’s it like being apart of that amazing lineup in Europe?

Stefano: Man, that line up is so sick! Cryptopsy need no introduction, Benighted are really close friends and are incredible live. Cytotoxin is one of those new bands you should keep an eye on, their last album is one of my fav from 2017!

MPM: You joined Aborted in 2016 during the process of Retrogore. Could you possibly tell us more information about Terrorvision and how the songwriting process is compared to 2014’s The Necrotic Manifesto?

Stefano: I think “Terrorvision” is the result of our best efforts when it comes to songwriting and personally our most ambitious work. We took all the time we needed to work on the songs and it was basically a daily process, there was almost no single day between last summer and March/April this year we wouldn’t show each other new ideas, riffs, structures, arrangements etc. Sometimes we would literally change parts of a song so many times to get to what we thought was the ideal version – challenging but totally worthy! As for TNF, I wasn’t there so better to ask the other fellas haha.

MPM: I just saw you guys at Devastation On The Tour this past June with Venom Prison, Ingested, Arkaik, Psycroptic, Disentomb and Aborted (One of the best tours I’ve ever experienced). What was the reaction to the fans who came out to see a killer tour package like Devastation On The Nation?

Stefano: Thank you for your words! Reaction was overwhelming and fans were great! We had so much fun on that run, and all the bands killed it. It was truly one of the best tours I did.

MPM: As a bassist, are there any musicians whom may have inspired you to become play a Instrument?

Stefano: There’s far too many haha but I would say Steve Harris, Dave Ellefson, Alex Webster and Erelend Caspersen are those who inspired me the most.

MPM: Are there any releases from 2018 you’re most looking forward hearing?

Stefano: Yes indeed! I am pretty stoked about the new Hate Eternal, Benighted and Revocation, while among those I already listened to I would say Rivers of Nihil, Necrophobic, Tribulation, Baest and Skeletal Remains did an excellent job. But there’s so many great bands releasing new stuff this year (Deicide, Marduk, Behemoth, …), it’s hard to name them all.

MPM: Is there any advice you like to point out for anyone wanting to start picking up a instrument and play right away?

Stefano: Be patient because it’s a lot of work and always set yourself new, motivating challenges. Practice and listen to different genres as much as possible.

MPM: What are some of your favorite Aborted songs to play live on stage?

Stefano: Hard one to answer… I’ll go with ‘Divine Impediment’, ‘Cadaverous Banquet’, ‘Fallacious Crescendo’ and ‘The Saw and the Carnage Done’. There’s also a lot of the new songs from ‘TerrorVision‘ I can’t wait to play!

MPM: Lastly, is there any last words to your fans and anyone else hearing this interview?

Stefano: Thanks a lot for supporting our music, listen to our new singles if you haven’t yet and see you all on the road!! Also the greatest pizza only has 2-3 toppings MAX and Forza Roma.

Cheers again!


Bass player of Aborted and Hideous Divinity;

Officially endorsed by Valenti Guitars, Darkglass Electronics, Algam Benelux, D’Addario Strings.

Interview by Jake Butler



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