FACELIFT DEFORMATION – Dominating The Extermination

There’s many brutal death metal bands that want to replicate the genre and there’s some who brings innovation and creativity to the table. Meet Facelift Deformation, based out of Hong Kong and Taiwan and have only been around since 2016, they’ve released their debut full-length through Inherited Suffering Records titled “Dominating the Extermination.” For an album that’s only 20 minutes in duration this album is easily enjoyable and headbangable to witness the most chaotic and animalistic brutal death metal releases of 2018. The vocals, production and atmospheric passages are all polished without any repetitiveness or overlying the instrumentals too much but rather keep it simple and authentic.

Even from the astonishing album artwork speaks for itself since the lyricism is based off mutations, sci-fi, technology and gore. They have taken naturalistic structures, unleashes furiously crafted slam oriented fillers and ferocity with chaotic, gloomy and progressive layering has never sounded incredibly magnificent. From the heart pounding guitar sections, blasphemous drumming and barrage of madness and without any sorts of hesitation, This is an album that utilizes brutal death metal compositions, slamming vocals, intelligent chemistry and a atmosphere so raw and gritty this is a boundary to any monumental success within the extreme metal community. But if you want a album that’s catchy, heavy and slam oriented then Facelift Deformation is the band for you.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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