If Cattle Decapitation met Devourment with nasty fillers from Internal Suffering, New York’s brutal death metal/grindcore band Animals Killing People is basically the principal of that genre. Eat Your Murder is the latest addition from these musicians and this time they’ve taken the album to a whole new level. Animals Killing People have been inspired by their ideology as the songs discuss misanthropy, gore and liberation while keeping the musicianship and brutality on same page. Musically, this album is extremely chaotic and instrumentally they write blisteringly technical, ridiculously guttural, all around animalistic branches of aggressive and monsterous death metal.

There is also elements of deathgrind thrown into the mixture making the listening experience far more enjoyable. From the ultra fast blasting and technical drumming, razor sharp blistering guitars and alien super toxic guttural vocals, Animals Killing People’s Eat Your Murder will surely satisfy your thirst for extreme metal.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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