DISAVOWED – Revocation Of The Fallen

The Netherlands seems to be having some heavy-hitters when it comes to extreme metal anywhere from Severe Torture, Pyaemia, Prostitute Disfigurement, Arsebreed and others. Disavowed have been around for over 20+ years in their existence and have returned to make a killer album after a long 13 year gap since 2007’s Stagnated Existence with 2020’s Brutal Mind release of Revocation Of The Fallen. Disavowed is basically taking influences from Pyrexia, Suffocation, Disgorge (USA) Deeds Of Flesh and other American death metal bands but with their style, technical skill and strength to create amazingly crafted and astonishing pieces of music, Disavowed’s craftsmanship, compositional work and brilliancy took them to the next level with

Revocation Of The Fallen which in my humblest opinion, is the better release. Musically, atmospherically, lyrically and progressively speaking everything from the production, sound quality, instrumentals, and songwriting has not only improved upon listening to this album but given my thoughts and consideration to this amazing release, this is brutal death metal at it’s finest hour yet. If you want a release that’s heavily on consistency, reasonably technical and actual pieces of music that will highly satisfy, then rest assure this is a perfect album for you.

This is not only Disavowed’s rebellious, heaviness and well produced albums in their career but from their ultra-churned combinations of blended powered forces, infused technicality, dynamism of slam-filled riffs and deeply forced overdoses of sophisticated abolitionists chemistry this album managed to keep its sound a much more complex, diverse and structured and a sickening atmosphere as the variations enlightened of insanely talented musicianship keeps progressiveness a matured tone approach. Another thing to pinpoint on this release is not only their instrumentals are filled with animalistic vocalizations, technical death metal styled highs, lows, and showcasing the band’s finest talent to date, this record is disgusting, brutalizing and destructive. Revocation Of The Fallen from Amsterdam’s Disavowed is a improvement of Brutal Death Metal filled complexities that will make the listener completely mind fucked and understand the importance of what brutal death metal showcases here.


Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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