Street Tombs-Reclusive Decay Album Review

Santa Fe, New Mexico-based thrash metal band STREET TOMBS has released their highly anticipated debut album, “Reclusive Decay,” via Carbonized Records. The album is a brutal and intense experience, combining elements of death metal, punk, and thrash to create a unique and menacing sound.

The opening track, “Wretched Remains,” is a baseball bat to the face which sets the mood for the album with its fast-paced thrash riffs and snarling vocals. The song is a perfect introduction to the band’s sound, showcasing their ability to blend death metal intensity with punk-infused aggression. “Diseased Existence” follows, with its unrelenting pace and heavy grooves that immediately spawn involuntary head banging. 

“Devour” is a standout track on the album, with its pounding drums and searing guitar solos that take the listener on a relentless journey through the abyss of suffering. The song showcases the band’s musical prowess and technical skill, making it one of the most memorable tracks on the album. “Rising Torment” continues the relentless pace, with its brutal death metal riffs and relentless percussion that will leave listeners breathless.

The album reaches its climax with “Commanding Voices of The Damned,” a sprawling epic that showcases the band’s ability to create an atmosphere of darkness and despair. The song is a perfect representation of the band’s sound, with its crushing riffs, menacing vocals, and relentless pace. The album ends on a high note with “Volcanic Siege,” a fast-paced thrasher that will leave listeners breathless and ready for more.

STREET TOMBS’ “Reclusive Decay” is a must-listen for fans of death metal, thrash, and punk. The band has successfully combined elements of these genres to create a unique and menacing sound that will appeal to fans of extreme metal. With its relentless pace, crushing riffs, and dark atmosphere, “Reclusive Decay” is a standout album that showcases the band’s musical prowess and sets a high bar for future releases.

Overal score: 9/10

Review by: George Joseph Bauman IV


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