FOREVER DAWN – The Long Journey Home


What do you get when you modernize the already known sounds of symphonic black metal? You get the Orlando, Florida based sympho-black metal project FOREVER DAWN. Brian Manowitz is the man behind Forever Dawn and has spent a great deal of time perfecting his sound and bringing symphonic black metal into a new era. The Long Journey Home was released in January and since then has been on the radar for many fans of the already growing genre. The album takes a modern spin on a sound that bands like Dimmu Borgir, Anorexia Nervosa and Graveworm have pushed into the light.

The Long Journey Home hits a lot of the marks that many older black metal enthusiasts may call “too crisp and clean” but the production quality is perfect for hearing some of the subtleties that Manowitz added into the mix as well as the symphonics that dance between the tremelo picked guitar riffs. Cutting synths and screeching vocals perfectly sit on top of the background piano work, pounding drums and guitar riffs. Tracks like “The Immensity of Darkness” and “Sirens Call” carry a modern industrial meets black metal sound which compliments the instrumentals without overdoing it or overpowering any of the other instruments and symphonic elements. Every song is very unique and refreshing. The album is as if Shade Empire and Anorexia Nervosa had a demon spawn and named it Forever Dawn.

Those who really want something new, modern and well produced will enjoy this release. Brian did an amazing job thinking outside the box and took a big step adding new elements and creating something that can’t be described. The only complaint really is the bland artwork and a few of the chosen moments for synths and patched sounds. They can be a little too frequent and out of place in certain moments but not too noticeable unless listening for the second or third time. Overall, The Long Journey Home is a very unique, professional and well put together release for the Florida solo artist. The music is perfect for anyone who is a fan of industrial and black metal.


4.8 / 5.0


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