KHEMMIS – Deceiver

Colorado’s very own doom metal band Khemmis represent themselves a wide selection of wizards commanding a great metallic core able to absorb the spirit of influence without succumbing to possession. After having three successful albums in their career, they’ve came back with a new album Deceiver and is the first record under Nuclear Blast Records. With Deceiver, they have a very distinguishable sound in the realms of older artists including Black Sabbath, Candlemass and Electric Wizard. As someone who quite enjoys doom metal to a certain extent they somehow were able to keep the sound traditional and authentic. The album has a doomy bounce to it and they’ve described themselves as a “doom metal Iron Maiden.”

For a six track, 41 minute album this is a album that pulls the listener into a Egyptian mythology universe but also keeping their musicianship, progression and songwriting the same as previous records. Khemmis is one of the more melodic doom metal bands. The charismatic clean vocals are soothing, hypnotizing and appeasing. Numerous melodic guitar solos recalling classic heavy metal and a few appeasing acoustic guitar passages offer welcome changes from the slow and sinister riffs torn in the background that are fighting their way back to the forefront. The rhythm section on the other side is heavy, precise and steady. The musicianship is usually adventurous enough to justify song lengths between four and a half and nine and a half minutes long. This can be attributed to the lyrics which can be applied to personal events that have taken place and occurring in any individual’s life.

Khemmis conveys the messages of the lyrical themes the way one person would imagine. It’s quite the journey of an album that shows off different musical styles and methods of songwriting and delivery. It is still doom metal but however, there are moments of black metal, progressive metal, stoner doom and traditional heavy metal that climb to the surface ever so often on Deceiver. Khemmis is a noteworthy band and have created their most diverse and experimental records to date and perhaps to be the best doom metal album of 2021.



Overall Score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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