ANATHEMA Will Embark On An Ambient Acoustic Tour

Anathema have announced new tour dates recently. The trek will include four UK shows and three European shows in an ‘Ambient Acoustic’ setting. Anathema will be touring these shows as a four-piece featuring Daniel and Vincent Cavanagh and Lee and John Douglas. Support acts will be announced shortly.

Guitarist/vocalist Daniel Cavanagh explains: “Welcome to a new Anathema experience: Ambient Acoustic. In exploring what we might do to expand the music still further, out of thin air came the idea to arrange music in a ‘third way’, in the space between the acoustic band and the live rock band. With ‘ambient acoustic’ we feel more free to explore many textures, mixing live loops, piano, strings, percussion, electronics, guitars and voices, all within the essence of the songs and the emotions they carry. We hope you enjoy this next chapter of the story, the journey of discovery, of searching for something that can never really be found. Much love, Daniel Cavanagh.”



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