GREEN DRUID Doomify NO DOUBT’s “Hella Good”

Denver, Colorado’s Green Druid continue to blend their brand of psychedelic stoner doom with popular (and notably non-doom) songs with the third episode of ‘Will It Doom?’, in which they tackle No Doubt’s dance hit “Hella Good” and it hella is.

“Will It Doom is a series that was never intended to be taken seriously,” comments Green Druid guitarist Graham Zander.

“Even so, we made a point of only choosing songs we actually liked and thought translated well. ‘Hella Good’ is arguably the silliest song we picked, but we ended up being really surprised with how heavy it turned out.”

Green Druid have teamed up with Kerrang! for the exclusive premiere of the new episode. Find out for yourself if “Hella Good” will doom by watching the video now on HERE.

If you missed the first two episodes, catch up now with doomified versions of The Knack’s “My Sharona” HERE and Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” HERE.


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