ALLUVIAL Join Nuclear Blast, Sophomore Album Announced

US prog death metal unit Alluvial, featuring guitarist Wes Hauch (ex-The Faceless, Black Crown Initiate, etc.), ex-Suffocation vocalist Kevin Muller, drummer Matthew Paulazzo (Aegaeon, The Zenith Passage), sign new deal with Nuclear Blast and at the same time unveil details for the the release of their second studio album. Dubbed Sarcoma, is has been set for the official release on May 28th. Sarcoma is composed of 10 new tracks and you can now give a listen to the opening one, “Ulysses”.

“Sarcoma is a type of cancer that grows from connective tissue in the body,” says guitarist Wes Hauch. “At the end of working on everything, Kevin [Muller] pinpointed that each song on the record was about the different perils that happen at the hand of one man to another. These perils live in our connections to one another, so Sarcoma became an apt title.”

Track listing as follows:

01. Ulysses
02. Thy Underling
03. Sarcoma
04. 40 Stories
05. Zero
06. Exponent
07. Sleepers become giants
08. The Putrid Sunrise
09. Sugar Paper
10. Anodyne



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