If Make Them Suffer, Shadow Of Intent, Winds Of Plague and Slice The Cake were to create a disgusting lifelike creature with a atmosphere incredibly symphonic, blackened and melodic, The Breathing Process is exactly what this band can formalized. Samsara is the third full-length effort after a eight year gap of 2010’s sophomore release Odyssey (Un)Dead. Right off the bat, this album created a huge leap and bound to incorporate many different structures including the first half where they borrowed influences from European symphonic black metal bands let alone residing in the north eastern section United States.

There’s many layered compositions, variable tempos and a lost touch of humanity with convicting emotions as each song represents a powerful, yet stricken violence to a world where everything’s sinister.
The beauty, nature and discipline for these talented musicians bring real understandings that’ll leave the listener baffled, desperate and confused. Musically and lyrically, you’ll get standard blast beats, programmed synthesizers, genocidal guitar tones and intense, and massive vocal variations prior to past Breathing Process releases.

This album is stronger than Odyssey (un)Dead because they’ve not only executed themselves to deliver such music but the overall complexion of musical accomplishments really sets the bar sky high for the album’s presentation. Samsara is not for the faint of heart but any fans of symphonic black, deathcore and extreme metal in general may find something creative outside the box.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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