VULVODYNIA Give Update On New Album

Slamming deathcore band Vulvodynia have announced that information about their new album will be revealed soon.

In a Facebook post, the band state that they have been working in the past months on their “heaviest album to date”.

The full post reads:


Who’s ready for us to finally drop a new album??? 😉⚰🔨 We’ve been working super hard alongside LACERATED ENEMY records these past months to bring you guys our heaviest album to date!!! 🔥 More Slams, More Beatdown, Less Breakdowns, Less Deathcore. Keep an eye on the page for more updates and album art snippets. 🔪”

As more information is revealed, we will be covering it. On top of the album announcements, I’m also expecting Vulvodynia to reveal the dates for their upcoming North American tour with Alterbeast and Cognitive.



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