ACHERI – Misery Shrine

Man oh man, I am all about finding bands on the up and coming list but Daniel Eichelberger really lays it down in the solo project that is Acheri, the debut EP was released back in March of 2021 and had my attention right away, Misery Shrine is the second single released in 2021 (“hate world” being the first) and I can honestly say I was awaiting the release for awhile, the slow heavy rhythm throughout the song on top of Daniel’s aggressive lyrics is satisfying to any heavy music fan. The song starts with a dark Eerie feel to it, and then POW right in the kisser it the slow heavy beat with the filthy brutal lyrics blended perfectly, jam a little further into the track and discover the guitar work get heavier and heavier throughout, something that’s very important on my book is how a song gets mixed and mastered and this one was done just right, it’s perfectly tuned to SLAP in the car and on a pair of good headphones, don’t disrespect these guys by listening to them on some cruddy sounds.

Acheri is in the process of producing new material, recently switching to a solo project makes the time to produce just a bit longer but hearing them go from a band to solo project is something I’m excited to hear. The vocalist is also looking for another band or project to join also so keep and eye out for him I’m expecting big things from him. In closing the single was a solid 10/10 for me it was dark, slow in some parts fast in others, aggressive, kind of has a dark wrestling character entrance song vibe to it in my opinion, this was the last song I believe with the full band and everyone definitely did a fantastic job start to finish




Overall Score: 10/10
Reviewed by Ryan Arcicovich



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