Brutal death metal band Relics Of Humanity have been around for quite sometime in the scene and this time around, they’ve created a monster with 2019’s Willowtip Records release of Obscuration. Musically, these musicians have taken their finest craft to date and have combined a submissive, ruthless and mental festivities that submerges into a manifested and infested world that’s circling every corner, step and songs provided within the album’s lyricism. This EP also has originality written all over from the beautiful artwork made by Dan Seagrave whom you may best known for his work with the latest Decrepit Birth, Skeletal Remains, Rivers Of Nihil albums and many more to the most darkest, heaviest and and united generated pieces of music, Obscuration simply takes the modern brutal death metal sound and have rightfully earned themselves to be a huge name years down the road. From the barbaric territories of blast beat drumming, disgustingly wicked styled vocals and thick guitars with the perfected instrumental compliment each other, this album created a force that’s enjoyable, substantial, sentimental and very well interpreted based upon my enjoyment of the record.

Tracks such as Legions of the Unbowed and When Darkness Consumes God’s Throne introduces brutal death metal fuses of originality and primitive signatures that’s wonderfully engaging. So crank up the volume, grab your torches and head bang uncontrollably, Relics Of Humanity’s Obscuration is a another well executed and crafted signatures of extreme music. Belarus’s Relics Of Humanity are a band who has such potential to be a Global phenomenon. Recommended for fans of Defeated Sanity, Condemned, Disgorge and Embodied Torment!

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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