Technical death metal is my favorite sub genre of extreme music and with 2018’s Unique Leader Records from Californian outfit Alterbeast, it’s very encouraging to see how far the genre has been pushed forward and Feast is the latest album prior to 2014’s debut of Immortal. From the relentless tremolo picking, inhuman drumming and a traditional melodic/brutal technical mixtures within the album’s gloriously crafted atmospheres this is the band’s matured album to date. The overall sounds is wonderful as it transitioned into a much more creative and incredibly mixed songs brings out whole new dynamics for these Californian musicians whom brings the musicianship, dynamism and progressions to such great heights that any fans of extreme music will definitely enjoy this album front to finish.

Feast on the other hand is more complex, diverse, experimented and tighter from a musical and lyrical standpoint with the wonderful additions adding technical death metal structures to a much more brutal screams and gutturals which is always a refreshing feel to the album’s thought-provoking artwork. Instrumentation wise is beyond superb and has some diabolical effects with extreme musical signatures utilizing multiple guitar solos, heart pounding blast beats and Feast on other hand features a much more extreme heavy tone that never stops hitting and splitting your ear drums to see how artistic the members from Alterbeast are fully capable of doing outside their devotion for death metal. While there are some flaws within the album’s context Alterbeast’s Feast is a great continuation from Immortal and is a monumental stepping stone for any fans of technical death metal will unleash carnage and resurrection for many years to come.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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