Some bands seem to go on long hiatuses and we truly wonder as fans if they may never play live again, record a new album or even be a band anymore. Progressive gothic metal band from Los Angeles, California, Echoes of Eternity, went on hiatus in August of 2013 after leaving us their last full length As Shadows Burn in 2009. Many fans wondered if this was the last we would hear from the group. Luckily by 2015, the band reformed and began crowdfunding their third album. The project was cancelled without explanation, but the band continued activity. Here we are now in 2019 and Echoes of Eternity is back, stronger than ever with this offering titled Ageless.

Now after it being ten years since their last recordings, many would think this took a different route or possibly would sound off because of the time gap but no one could be more wrong. This album sounds as if there was never a break in time from the band. They have only progressed and brought out their best work to date. Francine Boucher’s vocals are strong yet melodic consistently throughout the whole album. Brandon Patton and Sam Young intertwine their guitar work perfectly, for example, the track Smoke and Mirrors shows their progressive playing styles which blend beautifully together creating a mesh of Gothenburg melo-death, gothic, and progressive metal style riffs. The drums by Kirk Carrison are technical but not too complex to be out of place. His footwork is precise, as seen on the track To The Sea.

The band has not missed a beat, actually they have only gotten better with time passing. There is something for everyone on this album from the headbang worthy metallic riffs with blasting drums to the haunting melodic emotional parts, this album is a true epic return for Echoes of Eternity. If you are a fan of progressive, gothic, epic and perfectly blended metal, then this is for you. Ten years in the making and Ageless was well worth the wait!

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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