We took a moment to speak with Denmark’s Bjørn Jensen from the death metal band Dawn Of Demise!

MPM: Please introduce yourself to what you do in the band:

DOD: Hello there, I’m Bjørn… I play bass and do backing vocals.

MPM: Dawn Of Demise has been around in the underground metal scene since 2003. Who came up with the band name and where did deprived from?

DOD: Our guitarist Martin and our old drummer came up with it… Martin had several ideas that didn’t work, but the word “demise”, which was a part of his ideas, was cool and so on. Our old drummer came up with the “Dawn of” – I think it was because he had just seen the “dawn of the dead”-remake.

MPM: You do bass and backup vocals for the band since the beginning of the band’s existence. Who or what decision made you wanna play death metal?

DOD: I just love death metal… Short answer, I know, but hey 😉

MPM: The latest album, Into the Depths of Veracity has been out since this past April and I heavily enjoyed it front to back. Could you tell us how the songwriting, lyrics and album art all started?

DOD: Well, I came up with a shitload of songs, Martin and Astor also pitched in. Bastian put his ideas on top of our riffs and arrangements and so on, and there you go… I then wrote lyrics and arranged the vocal patterns and we were good to go… The artwork was simply because we like Marco and his work. This is our third time using him. Concerning lyrical themes – it’s just death metal and VERY un-original 😉

MPM: Most fans compared your sound to other bands like Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Abominable Putridity and some Prostitute Disfigurement here and there. Would you say that’s the perfect description for Dawn Of Demise?

DOD: Nah, not really… But I definitely get it! We really like almost all of the aforementioned bands. So yeah, the comparison is fine, but it doesn’t really “include” everything… So is it perfect? No, but not far off 😉

MPM: Whom are some of your biggest musical influences as a musician for extreme music?

DOD: There are a lot! Too many to mention, but here’s a few: Chris Richards, Alex Webster, Steve DiGiorgio, Geezer, Dave Ellefson, Rex (last 3 aren’t extreme metal, but hey! ;-)) etc. All are killer players… Bandwise Suffocation is probably my biggest inspiration, but again there are SO MANY!

MPM: Based out of Denmark, what’s the music scene like compared to other countries?

DOD: The scene is quite good. I don’t know what the scene is like in other countries.

MPM: Being signed to Unique Leader Records, what was your reaction response when the label picked your band up on the roster and what’s it like being apart of the sickest artists in metal today?

DOD: Unique Leader is cool and have been since day one. We are of course proud and thrilled to be a part of the label.

MPM: Why should fans check out Dawn Of Demise and what does your band offer compared to most death metal artists could standout from the rest?

DOD: If they are into groovy and heavy death metal with a fairly good production they should give us a go. If they want technicality, super speed, gravity blasts and guitar noodling, they should skip us. Groove, catchy riffs, heaviness and a love for New York death metal is what we are all about.

MPM: If you weren’t playing music, what job would you consider doing for the future?

DOD: I would be a School teacher, because that is actually what I do for a living. Dawn of Demise, sadly, doesn’t pay the bills.

MPM: Are there any last words to add or say to your fans supporting Dawn Of Demise over the years to close the interview?

DOD: We love every single one of you MUTHAFUCKAZ! Keep supporting death metal! See you out there \m/


Interview by Jake Butler


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