We got to speak with Ángel Ochoa the lead vocalist from Disgorge, Cephalotripsy and now the current frontman for Abominable Putridity!

MPM: First off, my absolute honor and pleasure to be working with you since I am a big fan of your vocals and the band’s I’ve mentioned above. How are you doing today during these unprecedented times and what have you been up to lately?

AP: Same here! I have been focusing on Cephalotripsy and doing guest vocal spots.

MPM: I wanna talk about the new Abominable Putridity album, Parasitic Metamorphosis Manifestation. The albums been out for quite sometime and it’s under a new label Inherited Suffering Records and marks the first Abominable Putridity record in nine years and your first appearance with the band. How did that all started and how’s the reception been overall during the release?

AP: Alex contacted me in 2019 about doing the album. I was very interested so I agreed to it. Nothing but Positive responses ever since it came out. We put alot of work into it so i am stoked.

MPM: Since you’re also on Disgorge and Cephalotripsy, could you give us a scoop about the future of those bands or is that classified to ask?

AP: Disgorge isn’t active. As for Cephalotripsy, we recently announced our new Drummer Albert Rios not to long ago and are happy to have him. We are hoping to record by next year.

MPM: When you joined Abominable Putridity, alot of fans, myself included was excited that not only the band is back, but I truly felt this is the best album the band has ever done to date from a lyrical and musical standpoint. What was the inspiration for making this album and what was the meaning in creating Parasitic Metamorphosis Manifestation?

AP: Well we wanted it to be Sci fi theme. So when i thought of ideas i just wrote whatever came into mind and when i felt it was ok, i later went back and made better adjustments.

MPM: Abominable Putridity to me are one of the most well-known and regarded bands in today’s brutal death metal scene. What was your favorite song on the album and was there a time where you feel resonated to the lyrics listening to it?

AP: I would say my favorite song became Inorganic infusion protocol. As for lyrics it had to be obscure entity of darkness. It was pretty personal for me.

MPM: Since Abominable Putridity’s now on Inherited Suffering Records since it’s ran by your drummer Alexander Kubiashvili, how’s the chemistry been between you and Alexander?

AP: Its been great. We collaborate very well when it comes down to business.

MPM: Since your time with Disgorge and Cephalotripsy are very well respected in the Brutal Death Metal community and love every piece of material coming out of both bands, what was your biggest inspiration being a vocalist and were you self trained, or took lessons?

AP: What got me into wanting to do Vocals was when i heard Matti way on the Cranial impalement album. I am self taught.

MPM: Being a vocalist that you are, most of the lyrics from Abominable Putridity talk about Gore, Conspiracies, Biology, Horror, and Genetic Mutation, what inspired you as a vocalist that writes lyrics that is intelligent and comprehensive that stands out to older Abominable Putridity records?

AP: Where do I start… lol. So many bands but Forrest Stedt, Ex Cephalotripsy and Ricky Myers, Disgorge, Suffocation inspired me. Just seeing how creative they were when it came down to writing lyrics and just their ideas were amazing.

MPM: Since shows are on hold for the foreseeable future, what hobbies have you been doing as of lately that fans may not know or expect?

AP: I have been going on alot of Hikes with my dog Mishka! I have also started going back to the gym since they opened up again. Doing alot of guest vocal spots for bands. That has been very fun.

MPM: What’s your current state of the Brutal Death and Slam community with bands such as Kraanium, Maggot Colony, Analepsy, Disentomb, Visceral Disgorge, Traumatomy, Disfigurement Of Flesh and more making the genre accessible and groundbreaking?

AP: I think its incredible. I remember when some of those bands started off and now look… They have been getting on big tours and have gotten a bigger fan base.

MPM: When shows do make a return, what bands would you like to tour with?

AP: I would wanna tour with our brothers in Splattered and Begging for Incest. But if i could… I would really wanna tour with Defeated sanity and Infernal revulsion.

MPM: If someone was new to Brutal Death Metal, what albums or bands would you recommend them to get exposed to the genre?

AP: For sure all of the Disgorge albums. They need to know who Matti way is and how he is a God in this scene. Of course the Consume the forsaken album with AJ and the POIT with Levi as well. Another album i would recommend would be Circle of perversion from Inveracity.

MPM: What are your most anticipated releases of 2021 and if you weren’t listening to Metal, what other types of music are you a fan of?

AP: Not sure if it would come out in 2021 but Suffocation, Kraanuim, Chronicles of the Riff wizard.

MPM: Do you prefer playing live front of audiences connecting with them to the music, or do you like to be in the studio writing lyrics and music for your projects?

AP: I am mostly use to touring and playing shows so definitely playing Live. Connecting with the crowd and feeding off their energy is an amazing feeling. I was never really use to being in a studio other then recording albums years back, Now, because of Covid, it gave me the opportunity to focus more on recording and to learn its mechanics.

MPM: Before we wrap up, I want to thank you for your time and effort in doing this interview. It’s a absolute pleasure and honor to know that we’re doing everything in our willpower to have normalcy return and would love to see your bands live when the word is good to go. Is there anything you like to say to your fans who are reading this interview or any information regarding new music for the time being?

AP: Thank you so much! I wanna say thank you everyone for always showing their support! You guys are the reason i never give up and wanna keep making music, I am truly Grateful. Hopefully when Covid is over and hopefully we have a 2nd full length album for Cephalotripsy… We can play a show near you \m/




Interview by Jake Butler



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