Straight gas NO brakes. If you are a fan of brutal slamming death metal don’t sleep on this new debut album released June of 2021 like I did, mentioned to me on social media I quickly fell in love with this album. Shredding riffs and speed metal drums really does make this the most aggressive and quickest death metal from Scandinavia, I must say this is something fresh in the scene. I don’t know if this guy just sits around and makes weird noises all day as practice but some of the sounds that appear throughout the album are very unique and set these guys apart from others. From the start, “Into Annihilation” sets the perfect tone for this album, the speed of this technical death metal duo is sure to blow you away. I mean the amount of pure filth these guys delivered thought the album absolutely blows me away The drum speed is similar to infant annihilator which I know are programmed but who gives a damn, they sound sick! The guitar work is what really grasps you, these guys absolutely shred your face off in every single song, welcome to riff city bitch!

Personal favorites on this album have to be “Inversion of Mind” and “Hail the Nail.” Now while both are overly heavy songs, “Inversions of Mind” is more of that slower aggression and it’s really the “calm song” of the album in my opinion which sets it apart from the rest. Then we have “Hail the Nail” I mean for f**k’s sake this song right here almost had me wall of death my dogs okay!? The insane speed is flexed in this song, straight gas no brake but on a downhill slope, with a ramp at the end launching you into the depths of hell. This song is one hell of a ride but aside from those two the album as a whole was great for a debut. I think these guys did a good job of showcasing their abilities and range as the music stays quick and aggressive, they really bring their own unique sound in the vocals and guitar work.

The album has chalked up a 9/10 and an add to my favorite albums playlist and I’m very anxious to see what the future holds for this duo.




Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Ryan Arcicovich


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