FAITHXTRACTOR-Contempt for a Failed Dimension Review

Ohio’s death metal crafters FAITHXTRACTOR have made a triumphant return with their brand new album, Contempt for a Failed Dimension.   This is their fourth studio offering since 2005 and the first to be released under Redefining Darkness Records.  Full of savagery and lethal guitar riffs, this is the band’s most ambitious and versatile album yet. From the distinct bass, powerhouse drums and shattering vocals, this two-man band has produced punishing yet raw music.  True metal fans can hear the homage to old school death metal and musical stylings that almost feel thrashy at times.


“The Blood that Seethes,” “Vomiting Proclamation” and “On Every Breath” hammer at its audience: these songs are aggressive. Brutal. Furious.  It comes as no surprise that this band is on their way, continuously pushing boundaries and improving their sound.  “A Curse” may seem like straightforward death metal that many bands stick to these days, but FAITHXTRACTOR fired all cylinders in this crushing song.  A heavy emphasis on frantic, devastating, whiplashing speed arrangements allowed the band to spin the listener up and then wind them down with slower moments.  The song let listeners experience the pureness of the moment.


“Contempt for a Failed Dimension” successfully captures the brilliant and intense nature of the metal scene.  The opening segments of “Revenge Void Asphyxia” has these nasty, buzzsaw edges where the drum blasts beats, and punky/crust esque galloping timed signatures show no mercy.  The vocals are a bit reminiscent of the relentless and malevolent atmosphere of early Hate Eternal. You don’t get to hear that very often on a death metal album but it brought out pure emotion and joy.  The moment you hear the track, it’ll become an instant favorite.

Overall score 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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