KRUELTY- Untopia Album Review

Profound Lore Records’ latest release, “Untopia,” the second LP by Japanese heavy beatdown/hardcore outfit KRUELTY, is a powerful and devastating masterpiece. Formed in Tokyo in 2017, KRUELTY has quickly established themselves as one of the most notable artists in the heavy hardcore. Their sound is a devastating blend of brutality and slam that showcases the band’s ability to blend death metal riffs with hardcore breakdowns in a way that is both punishing and mind-blowing.

Their debut album “A Dying Truth,” released in 2020, was a punishing and intense listen that established KRUELTY as one of the heaviest bands of the year. With “Untopia,” the band takes their sound to the next level, creating an album that is even more massive in scope and ultimately heavier than their debut. The bulldozing seven-song record was produced by Taylor Young at The Pit Studios, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, and features artwork by Norwegian artist Sindre Foss Skancke. The production value of the album is top-notch, giving each instrument and vocals the clarity and space they need to shine.

One of the most striking aspects of the album is KRUELTY’s ability to seamlessly blend influences from different genres and cultures. The band has managed to find the sweet spot between heavy beatdown hardcore and ’90s American/Scandinavian death/doom metal, creating a sound that is both unique and familiar. The band’s use of effects and down-tuning  adds a sense of dystopia to the album, making it a perfect representation of the album’s overall theme.

The lead single, “Burn The System,” showcases KRUELTY’s ability to blend death metal riffs with hardcore breakdowns in a way that is both captivating and mind-blowing. The lyrics, written by guitarist Zuma, address the theme of working-class people and their daily struggles, adding a level of social commentary that is both thought-provoking and powerful. The song is a perfect representation of the band’s improved songwriting and how much they’ve grown from their last album.

Overall, KRUELTY’s “Untopia” is an album that should not be missed by fans of heavy music. The band has refined their sound and expanded their sonic palette, creating an album that is both musically impressive and socially relevant. The release is due on March 17th, and it is definitely worth checking out. This band is sure to make an impact and leave a lasting impression on the heavy music scene.




Overal Score 8.5/10

Review by: George Joseph Bauman IV


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