CHTHONIC DEITY Debut New Single Via Decibel Magazine

Decibel Magazine is currently streaming the putrid sounds of “Echoes Of Death” from Colorado death metal practitioners Chthonic Deity. The unhallowed tune comes by way of the band’s Reassembled In Pain EP set for release this Halloween via Carbonized, Woodsmoke, and Lunar Tomb Records.

Mixed by Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil, Deathgrave) and mastered by Dan Randall (Necrot, Ghoul), Chthonic Deity’s Reassembled In Pain contains four songs of coffin rumbling heavy death/punk. Issues Decibel of the track:

“…the trio wade through filth on new song ‘Echoes Of Death,’ which funnels death and a bit of doom through punk and adds some of that Stockholm stink for good measure. It’s a little cavernous, but the Swedish sway adds a bit more than most that rise from the murk. The crush of Dead Congregation, Cruciamentum, or Colorado contemporaries Spectral Voice come to mind in feel.”

Adds founding guitarist/bassist/vocalist Erika Osterhout,

“‘Echoes Of Death’ is a song that I wrote on the spot while jamming with [drummer] Charlie [Koryn] in January of 2014. The tempo changes fell into place and it felt like the song wrote itself. I knew exactly where I wanted to write a solo and once that was put into place, the lyrics came easily. The lyrics are inspired by the intensity and mystery of ancient beliefs regarding the judgment of life and the process of death – of being deemed worthy of the glory of the perfect afterlife or to be unworthy and endure the agonizing pain of the second death and cursed to be restless forever.”


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