FETID – Steeping Corporeal Mess

Known for their gory lyricism, Fetid are a death metal band coming out of my hometown based in Washington State. Steeping Corporeal Mess is the debut full-length released through 20 Buck Spin and I gotta admit, this album is raw, filthy, original sounding and managed to maintain that old school death metal touch from the 90’s preferably bands such as Autopsy, Incantation, Infester and Mortician. From its disturbance of utter blasphemous compositions, distinguished instrumentals, original riffs and remarkable solos, Fetid’s Steeping Corporeal Mess features signature talent, ferocious atmosphere and interesting tremolo pickings give the album diversity.

For a debut full-length, this has finest musicianship and presented backup studio effective screams regards to the lyrical themes. From the destructive tracks such as Draped in What Was, Cranial Liquescent, and Dripping Sub-Tepidity, their brutalized instrumentation are dominated, prominent audible and utmost album’s intensity represents history in the making from demonic death metal businesses, to structured style of unique riffs are naturally flowing with much more adrenaline that there’s no compromising state to be easily compared by a Floridan death metal acts like Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal or even Cannibal Corpse that matter because Fetid just showed progression, quartet quality and onslaught 32 minutes of aggressive death metal.

It’s blasphemous, hashed, intense and part of the trademark during its modern day world to concentrate accomplishments all around for these skilled musicians. Production here is ambitious while does fall short of appropriate funding but this masterpiece death metal creation surely brings naturalistic aesthetics written all over it.


Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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