HEAD OF THE DEMON – Deadly Black Doom

Head Of The Demon is a black/doom metal band formed in 2012 from Stockholm, Sweden and the best way to really describe their sound is if you take Cultes des Ghoules, Mortuary Drape and Negative Plane but to create a hybrid of blackened doom metal with lyrical content consists of HP Lovecraft, satanism and occultism you get Head Of The Demon in a brief description. Released on Invictus Productions, Deadly Black Doom is the third full-length and offering from these Swedish musicians and is the continuation of their follow-up release of Sathanas Trismegistos which was released in 2016. Now, as someone who really enjoys doom metal and several black metal bands incorporating different styles of death metal, symphonic and even melodic black metal, Head Of The Demon takes their own twist of two incredible genres and stir the pot until it thickens and behold, they’ve successfully created a album that has met my expectations skyhigh.

Honestly, this record not only demonstrated a beautiful picture of wonderfully crafted black metal signatures, melodies and arrangements but they have the perfect amount of Doom Metal passages that doesn’t distract or cause any sort of repetitiveness aside from the luxurious production and devastating instrumentals front to back kept my adrenaline levels steadying. Lyrically, musically and progressively speaking, Head Of The Demon’s craftsmanship is so extremely consistent where the concentrations of the guitars, drums, vocals, bass and mixing department is simply put, fascinating in its own retrospect. Just take songs for example such as Voidsoul, The House of Peor and
Set-Sutekh, everything on this album is not entirely repetitive but some of the songs uses atmospheric tones to tend on focusing traces of brutality while keeping the traditional Head Of The Demon sound the listener is grown accustomed to.

Not only their songs can be extremely addictive to listen to but the members each have their counterparts are delightful, delicate and rhythmic. Perhaps the album’s secondary half of the album welcomes some additional touches as it penetrates experimentation and variety to be revealed on a monstrosity where these fascinating epic soundscapes are truly amazing as the lyricism and songwriting are dynamic within the album’s context. Overall, I was heavily impressed to see what lies next for these Swedish musicians to use black and doom metal compositions alongside a very thought-provoking and magnifying album this band had done to date.


Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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