ÆPOCH – Hiraeth

Progressive death metal is one of my many favorite sub-genres in the extreme metal scene with killer bands on the horizon making astonishing music within the last decade. ÆPOCH, a progressive death metal band residing in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada and have released their third ep titled Hiraeth and is released independently by the band. Musically, this band incorporates technicality and melodic tempo signatures bringing a “Human” or “Individual Thought Patterns” Death-esque era inspired soundscapes with minor progressive layers of old Cynic. The songwriting and experimentation on tracks like The Flesh Totem and Overwrought is surely worth the musical listening as this record demonstrates the growth and maturity of the band in which this case they really found their footing and sound with this release.

Everything represented from the fascinating song signatures, audible instrumentals and well crafted craftsmanship displayed here is nothing but outstanding. While their last several releases was experienced and experimental, Hiraeth is a masterclass in writing music that is both progressive and listenable for anyone’s interest for progressive death metal. This record not only shot themselves sky high to create a symbolic album but it takes the listener into a engaging and mesmerizing space themed explorations you’re going to hear a hidden gem within the technical and extreme metal scene years from now to witness such fascinating pieces of work. Do yourselves a favor because if you’re fans of Cynic, Death, Obscura and Beyond Creation or technical and progressive death metal in general with amazing track selections, Canada’s ÆPOCH is by far a beautiful album beginning to end.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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