Sun Speaker are a upcoming atmospheric blackened death metal band from the depths of Phoenix, Arizona. They have created a behemoth like album titled Ov Lustra. I first discovered this band from a good friend of mine on Facebook who recommended them to me and only heard few songs of theirs and immediately right off the bat I was getting the expectations I met. From the beautiful album art to the magnificent production values, this album demonstrates wide variety of mixed elemental genres including deathcore but focused more on the blackened and atmospheric passages. Lyrically wise, the songwriting is superb and tells a thoughtful narrative story of Greek Mythology and pulls the listener to submerge themselves into a world of brilliance and progression.

It’s quite the experience to hear Ov Lustra simply because it takes many musical influences but found a way to make it extremely compelling and fresh start to finish. Even the instrumentations are wide and often times unexpected as there’s so much discovery that is within the album’s enjoyment to set the listener’s mind into a jaw-dropping universe. And while Ov Lustra manages to retain originality and dynamic surprises, you’ll be amazed to hear top-notch musicianship, capable of intricate modern riffs as well as some introspective melodies, and all without running into any jumpy transitions just makes the record naturalistic. If you are fans of Fallujah or death metal in general then Sun Speaker’s Ov Lustra deserves your immediate listens.

Overall Score : 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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