DE PROFUNDIS – The Corruption Of Virtue

For over two decades into their career, United Kingdom’s very own De Profundis have evolved and submerged themselves into becoming one of my absolute favorites in the underground extreme music community. I been a fan of these guys for long as I can remember and I’m very pleased to say that this record, The Corruption Of Virtue is perhaps the band’s tightest, most cohesive and structured albums they’ve ever created. Knowing their style, the signature blends of visceral arrangements and immersive, yet chaotic tendencies of unadulterated death metal brings music to my ears as I do feel that the album start to finish is a perfect roundhouse kick front to back. The musicianship other hand is nothing short but excellence at its finest hour with the compositional work being as possessed and not forceful since the guitars, drums, bass, vocals and passageways feel naturally flavored and comfortable when it’s in the right setting.

The interplay and various hybrids of intractable and almost technical death metal inspired melodies keeps pushing many boundaries as most of these tracks feel like it directly came out of the Gothenburg and Florida death metal scenes as if Death and At The Gates were to form and create the ultimate death metal soundtrack this record expanded the band to carefully counterbalance and became very emotive to their craft. The songs on other hand is full of detail, creativity and uniqueness as each one stands out from the rest which not only is extremely captivating and terrific, but without overdosing it. These members have really outdone themselves to create the most demanding, engrossed and impressive death metal albums of 2022. The Corruption Of Virtue is intense, challenging, brutal and will forevermore lay down the foundation of what underground death metal is all about.




Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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