A PALE DECEMBER – Death Panacea

Atmospheric black metal is an acquired taste for many extreme metal fans. Whether it be the vocals, production or contents of the albums context, there’s so much diversity in the genre and for a avid listener like myself who has a fair share of the bands like Saor, Summoning, Caladan Brood and so forth, Italy’s A Pale December is definitely gonna be added to the list. This record is full of atmosphere and for a four piece band, this is some fine art. Musically, this is marvelous start to finish with songs have this melancholic, comfortable and engaging vibe that puts myself into this trance of motion being sucked in universally into their own wilderness and imagination which to me its rare in this modern day era of the genre that kept me wanting more and more as each listen gets.

Stylistically, there’s moments where I hear ambient tones, melodic black metal stylings and a progressive, almost post sound atmosphere which gives the album an amazing experience and view to visualize and interpret what these Italians were wanting to create for such a translucent, hypnotic and visioned record definitely kept things flowing. The amount of detail, articulation and compassion written into the album is full of amazing surprises as each track represents different characteristics and colors which gives the tonality of the record a vibrant and bone-chilling experience whether it be the howling soundscapes of Manifesto or the folky, progressive natures of Nethermost, these tracks in particular have such a unique personality behind the everlasting depths of adding textures and flavors to have it so delicate and fragile almost to me if I was listening to Agalloch, Alcest,Ulver and Woods of Ypres for its aggressive musicality and this depressing, isolated and masterful on the contrary these musicians have poured their heart and soul to give a exquisite product. Death Panacea is not just a record, its art.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler


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