Slaughter To Prevail are a Russian extreme metal band formed in 2014 from Yekaterinburg, Russia and released their first full-length studio album through Sumerian Records titled Misery Sermon. Prior to 2015’s Chapters Of Misery EP, Misery Sermon in my personal opinion is a massive improvement that combines deathcore and death metal compositions with a trace of brutalized instrumentals. From their overloads of guitar oriented riffs, heaviness tones of blast beat drumming and visceral vocal ranges from Alex Terrible, Misery Sermon also introduces a new chapter within the overall passages the album manages to succeed in. Featuring slabs of smothering brutality, liquidated slams and spine Shattered breakdowns that holds no barriers to their intensity brought the genre a much more progressive and prominent atmosphere. Lyrically this album is intelligently well-written as the members borrows elements from Misanthropic, murderous and heavily involved aggression states also utilizes a polished tone so perfectly sharp that Misery Sermon provides is truly worth hearing.

With songs such as Russian Hate, Born To Die, King, Failed Hope and my personal favorite track being Cultural Ills, the members from Slaughter To Prevail done a decent job balancing their counterparts to showcase their instrumentation work a unique and creative expression within the engaging lyricism themes this album presents. The songs selected by this Russian band have violently smacked different variations as the instruments and chemistry are beyond energetic, passionate and brilliancy these sections of groovy, malicious and Slam-filled tendencies may necessarily throw deathcore fans off but however, Misery Sermon uses transitional transitions to obtain punished, chest-caving and redefining structured atmospheres that deathcore bands seems to not concentrate on. But from a musical standpoint, Slaughter To Prevail impressed me with how dynamic these complex songs varies quick paces of understanding, unidentifiable and unpredictable leads doesn’t become overly saturated but they’ve displayed talented quality and aforementioned they created perhaps one of their strongest material to date. Fans of Chamber of Malice, Acranius and deathcore with death metal influences will probably enjoy this full-length from Russian outfit Slaughter To Prevail.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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