The technical death metal scene as a whole been a huge monumental success when bands all over the spectrum have come together to replicate the styles of bands in the early 2000’s back when Necrophagist, Spawn Of Possession, Martyr and many more have not only became icons and influences to many bands in today’s modern era of the genre, but this band Acausal Intrusion whom residing from the United States have unleashed their brand new full-length debut through I, Voidhanger Records titled Nulitas. Now, I’m very appreciative to the genre as its my favorite subgenre of extreme metal but when bands try to create and experiment different hybrids including artists like Inferi who takes a melodic death and symphonic death metal atmosphere, First Fragment who takes technical death metal with progressive death and neoclassical signatures to new heights and then there’s others such as The Last Of Lucy who uses Jazz arrangements and technical proficiencies making it extremely versatile, but Acausal Intrusion’s components, compositions, instrumentals and production brings out such a modernized and atmospheric touch since it brings heavy emphasis on dissonance well as blackened and Avant-garde influences in the veins of Ulcerate which is a fine example what this album is all about.

There’s songs that have eerie keyboard soundscapes, blisteringly heavy sequences from the drums, guitars providing a mixture of melodicism and technicality, bass work being solidified and vocal deliveries ranging from howling screams, guttural lows and pitched harmonics where the music feels appropriate and approachable at times I truly feel this record is haunting, ministerial and claustrophobic at times where I feel a strong blackened death and avantgarde influence within the productivity this record brought to life. Songs like Qabbalistic Conjoining Existence, Nebulous Ceremonial Temple, Transcending the Veil and Invocations Apprehension has original, filthy brutal sound and arguably one of the most cleaned productions to the band’s catalog. From it’s translucent vocals, incredible lyrics and relenting mid-priced typical death metal speeds, it’s definitely heavier as tracks range a ensuring, unique and prominent interspersed keeping the progression and experimentation on par. Nulitas continuously gives variety and attractiveness for many factors and fans who want a album showcasing experimentation at its finest, don’t pass this up.



Overall score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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