2021 had amazingly crafted albums from Frozen Soul, Rivers Of Nihil Carnifex, Cannibal Corpse and many more to come but I think 2022 has been the most surprising and stacked releases so far. Today, this band known as Sensory Amusia are a upcoming extreme metal project that takes heavy emphasis on modern death metal and hardcore signatures that is best described if Dying Fetus, Misery Index and Aborted had created the most abrasive, melodically driven and technical displays of extreme metal then this album Breed Death is one you shouldn’t pass up on. Breed Death is the latest offering by these Australians and this particular record not only is extremely polished and mixed incredibly well but this is also the most expansive and imaginative record they’ve created musically, sonically and visually.

The amount of detail and deliverance alongside the amazing craftsmanship is something to worth note that any band from Australia in my personal opinion are not only talented in what they’re achieving far as music is concerned but it’s also worth pointing out that the scene in Australia has never felt so healthy and I’m thankful more and more artists coming out of the country are making giant moves for many years to come. Released on Lacerated Enemy Records, Breed Death is also a conceptual album that is very well portrayed in which it takes many guts to really be resonated into understanding what this album truly came to be with lyricism reflecting about personal experiences, humanity, life and death and hateful, negative effects in which may seem dull and boring to most but I feel the way the lyrics and songwriting is perhaps the biggest highlight on the album simply because it perfectly describes how our world is living in by today’s standards.

Musically speaking however, this is a much more refined and effective album Sensory Amusia has ever released with the musicianship feeling so tight and powerful they’ve fired all cylinders into having such a nerve-wracking and bone-chilling experience to make sure you don’t leave your seat until it’s drowns out. With songs like Blind Torture Kill, Vulgar Thoughts Of Carnage and Vermin for example, you’ll be introduced to have fast drum work, diverse vocal layers, decent bass tone and the soundscapes of this album matched the entities to make you feel that you should never feel alone and the atmospheric passages alongside the progression these members have poured on the record is sensational so to speak. But for what it is, Breed Death marks a evolutionary chapter for Sensory Amusia and if you want to get your feet soaked into hearing the sickest material they’ve made then chances are you’ll find something at home.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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