Creeping Death Boundless Domain Album Review

Boundless Domain: Creeping Death Unleashes a Visceral Fusion of Death Metal and Hardcore

Not to be confused with the Metallica song, ‘Creeping Death’, Creeping Death is an American extreme metal band formed in 2015 from Denton, Texas. They have released what appears to be their most refined, accessible, and structured records to date.

Creeping Death plays a blend of death metal while also incorporating hardcore arrangements, similar to bands such as Venom Prison, Fuming Mouth, and Homewrecker.

‘Boundless Domain’ is the sophomore full-length record and serves as the follow-up to 2019’s ‘Wretched Illusions’.

Right off the bat, this album takes a huge leap and bound by incorporating many different structures. The first handful of tracks borrow influences from both US and Swedish death metal soundscapes while adding their own twist and distinctive flavorings to the mix.

Everything from the vocals, guitars, drums, bass, and mixing department sounds raw, unfiltered, and eviscerating. In this case, the members of Creeping Death also utilize layered compositions, variable tempos, and a lost touch of humanity with convicting emotions. Each song represents powerful yet stricken violence in a world where everything is corrupted.

Tracks such as ‘Intestinal Wrap’, ‘Creators Turned into Prey’, ‘The Common Breed’, and ‘Remnants of the Old Gods’ showcase standard blast beats, genocidal guitar tones, and intense, massive vocal variations. In this case, the bewildering display of deranged dexterity and bone-crushing, headbanging heaviness makes the listener feel nauseated and uncomfortable.

‘Boundless Domain’ is one of the most swamped and frenzied displays of extreme music you’ll hear in 2023.

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Overall score: 8.5/10.

Review by Jake Butler.


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