SOJOURNER Bassist Steps Down

International black metal project Sojourner revealed that their member Mike Wilson has decided to step down as a bass player. Living in New Zealand, Mike has been dealing unavoidably (and unfortunately unsuccessful) with all the restrictions, therefore spending too much time apart from the rest of the group. Scotty Lodge will replace him as the new permanent member.

Statement from the band:

“Hey everyone, We’re sad to see Mike Wilson go as he’s been with us since our first album, Empires of Ash. We cherish all the music we were able to make with him and he remains a part of Sojourner and our brother forever. Thank you so much for everything, Wilson!

“As stated, Scotty has been with us for live shows since we started hitting the stage and he will now take over the full recording and live bass position. You can still follow Wilson’s musical journey with his amazing melodic black metal project, Miasmata, which will be releasing its debut full length on March 14th 2021 via Naturmacht Productions.”

Mike Wilson explains his departure:

”Hey everyone, my time as a member of the band has come to an end. As Sojourner has grown from a recording project in the first few years to the performing band it is today, my role has been pretty restricted over here in New Zealand so it makes sense for me to move on. The band is in the great position in that the bass won’t change too much – Scotty has been holding down the low-end live for a couple of years now so he will no doubt slot in seamlessly on future records!

“I’d like to thank everyone in the band, I’m very proud of what we have managed to achieve together and I will remember these years fondly. Most of all, thanks to all the Sojourner fans out there for listening and supporting. I’m looking forward to seeing what the band does next!

“As for me, I’m still making music of course so you can expect to hear new material from me very soon. Thanks for the music and the good times!”



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