REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER – World Of Inconvenience

Grindcore is an interesting genre. While not being 100% metal, it leans itself heavily towards metal and its fan base, and has produced some really good albeit short albums. One of those albums is the latest from Regional Justice Center, titled “World on Inconvenience”. This is a short album, eleven tracks totaling 12 minutes. However, the material here is dense, and despite the short runtime, there’s enough here to make this feel like a complete album. The writing feels varied and tight, despite their being a sense of chaos to the band’s overall sound. The guitar work on this album is also worth mentioning, as its ferocious, without sounding incomprehensible. The band also knows how to pick a representative production quality. This album doesn’t sound perfect, but if they decided to use a state of the are quality to their sound, they’d be sacrificing a lot of the raw power that comes with the songs themselves.

This isn’t grind that’s just mindless noise. This is strong, well developed grindcore that is confident in what it is, and has enough variation to feel like an album’s worth of ideas were represented on this release, instead of a small taste with like a regular release of similar length. While this definitely won’t be for everyone, there is still plenty here to enjoy, even with a runtime that is shorter than it took me to write this review.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Sam Hookom


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