KORPSE – Insufferable Violence

Korpse is a brutal death metal band from Bussum, north Holland that’s been around since 2013 and when I first heard the news they’ve signed with Unique Leader Records I was on board with excitement and high anticipation. Now being with the label, Insufferable Violence is the third full-length album by these Netherlands based outfitters and is the continuation to 2016’s Unethical which in my opinion is their best album from a lyrical and musical standpoint. Korpse’s style for the genre is very groove oriented in the realms of other bands wanting to replicate and capture that sound whether it’s the thick and constructed melodies of the guitars to the meaty and punchy drum kicks and to the vocals reminiscent of current day era of brutal death metal bands such as Extermination Dismemberment, Kraanium and Analepsy, Korpse are a force of nature and boy did this album not disappoint.

Musically, their instrumentations have been familiarize and improved significantly with some twists and turns to keep the heavy rotations and music on par with one another. Musicianship wise, it is very good and simply the fact they’ve created a monolog of catastrophic, maddening and very slam oriented goodness of death metal that is both promising and yet extremely rewarding. From the commendable guitar riffs, assaulting double bass drumming, satisfied bass tones and vocals sounding disgusting as it should, this album demonstrated themselves as a band that they were not kidding to unleash hellfire and brimstone because once you hear song or two you want to keep headbanging continuously with how addictive and catchy these hooks and signatures are all about.

Lyrically, this band has been discussing many themes from rape, third world countries, warfare, gore and socialists as the lyrical content on Insufferable Violence is perhaps the best album from a songwriting perspective because you can easily detect the vocals be apprehensive and comprehended which many listeners of the genre can’t understand what in the world singers are singing. But the moments you get kicked in the face with tracks such as Genocidal Bloodbath, Disposable Underaged Objects and A Final Lesson to the sickening leads of the title track, there’s times where I’ll be hearing something out of a Defeated Sanity, Putridity or a Cephalotripsy album due to the diversity and variations these vocal pitches shifted in sounded heavier and neater which also does a great job balancing out the portions of the instrumentals backing up to the production is sensational. Insufferable Violence stands out to be the most polished, well produced and crafted albums Korpse has done to date and I’m already excited for future material coming out of this band for generations to come.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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