INOCULATION – Celestial Putridity

Maggot Stomp are one of my absolute favorite record labels not only specializing in death metal but truly, a great introduction to anyone wanting to find the heaviest, rawness and abrasive sound of extreme metal. Today, I’ll be reviewing the new album Celestial Putridity by Ohio’s very own Inoculation. Formed in 2011, the band has been putting out some killer releases including the debut from 2018 titled Pure Cosmic Dread and several demos one of them being Elysium which captured the most downtuned, pummeling and filthy sounds coming out of death metal in recent memory. Musically, Inoculation’s style of music is straightforward death metal but there’s even some traces of thrash, black metal and little hints of technical death metal thrown into the mix but also keeping their traditional soundscapes and atmosphere feel comfortable, natural and easy-to-use when you come to expect a record that came out of the mid to late 90’s of extreme metal.

From the hard hitting instrumentals, melodically driven vocal patterns, and sickening leads of destructive currents to the everlasting passages that will pummel and continuously bringing levels of heaviness to maximum volume, you get plentiful of aggression, matured musicality and outstanding balance of a heavy, almost thrashy and old school sounding melodies with tracks such as I Am Where The Foregods Meet, Dimensional Connectivity, Universal Entropy and Xerthaneus not only features explosive vocal ranges, swirling instruments and repeated reinforcing snarls of extreme intriguing bridges makes their atmospheric blend and powerful chord strikes with unbelieving relentless sound.

This album also introduces buzzsaw guitars, trippy production and layers of distinctive craftsmanship easily worked so perfectly well for Inoculation’s fresh intake for the foreseeable future of extreme metal. Celestial Putridity isn’t just a monumental success in death metal music, but what makes this album truly special in my own heart is Inoculation captured the sequences, strength and wisdom into the intellectual expertise that symbolizes every meaning behind the songs that’ll be on a constant rotation for many years to come.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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