Within Destruction are a slamming death metal/deathcore band formed in 2010 from the depths of Jesenice, Slovenia and play a style of apocalyptic, damnation and wretched style of deathcore with slam compositions. After the massive success of 2016’s Rising Nemesis Records sophomore full-length entitled Void that became a global sensation as Deathwish marks a new chapter for these fine slam policemen as they marked new branches for the genre to become extraordinaire at finest. They’ve not only contributed themselves to create brutal death metal passages with triggered drums, disgusting vocal patterns and destructive sequences of crystal clear deathcore-esque stylistics and ridiculous highs and low guttural squealing vocals by Rok Rupnik is a diabolical force not to be reckoning with. Deathwish takes the element of surprise not because of the band’s finest representations possible as these variations are often pleasurable upon hearing the album with songs ranging from Torture Ritual, Death Awaits All and also featuring Infant Annihilator’s very own Dickie Allen with the Song Human Defect showcases modernized, bone shattering, innovative and groundbreaking landscapes are frequently used during the full entirety of Void beginning to end.

Musically, lyrically, atmospherically and analytically speaking in retrospective, Within Destruction’s Deathwish isn’t for the faint of heart but it also takes elements combining brutal death metal, deathcore, slam and disgusting arrangements of extreme metal to corporate multiple genres into one catatonic and energetic experience to prove high levels of brutality and destructive songwriting which has been gainfully occupied themselves onto a new world of aggressiveness. From blasted atmospheric riffs, structured bass work and menacing beatdowns of sophisticated mortality, these musicians have once again proved themselves not only deathcore has gotten more stronger over the years but they studied their craft to create a symbolic album that will please any fans of past material. If you’re fans of Whoretopsy, Vulvodynia, Acrania and Ingested then Within Destruction’s Deathwish is for you!

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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