We got to speak with Nick Herrmann from Connecticut’s death metal band Vomit Forth!

MPM: First off, thank you for wanting to do the interview it’s my absolute pleasure doing so. How are you doing today and those unaware of who you are, would you introduce yourself and contributed to the band?

VF: No doubt man appreciate you reaching out. My name is Nick and I play drums in Vomit Forth.

MPM: I recently got into Vomit Forth around early 2020 after listening to your 2019 EP, Northeastern Deprivation and was absolutely hooked with what I’ve heard. Who came up with the band Vomit Forth and what was the meaning behind the band name?

VF: The band started between myself and our guitar player Ricky. We wanted to do a band that we’d be as hyped to listen to as much as we wanted to play in and this style was just what transpired. Grimey North Eastern brutal death metal. The lineup eventually expanded to Tyler on bass and Kane doing vocals. There isn’t any real concept behind the name anymore other than it just being some visually stimulating shit we lifted out of an old IB track (if you know you know).

MPM: Since the band is residing from Connecticut, what was your inspiration in wanting to be in a extreme metal band and who would you say motivated yourself to be the musician you’re in today?

VF: Bands like Internal Bleeding, Scattered Remnants, Skinless, and Morpheus Descends really laid out the blueprint for us and were the types of bands that we gravitated towards the most. Personally speaking, the biggest motivation for myself is pushing harder creatively and physically on every release.

MPM: You recently released a demo in the beginning of January 2021 with only three songs and is released on Maggot Stomp. How’s the label been treating the band and what can fans expect to hear from the upcoming material?

VF: I can’t say enough great things about Scott at Maggot Stomp. There’s nothing to say about him that we haven’t said before, but he supported us before we were even working with him and that resonates more than someone who just wanted to drop our shit to throw their name on it and say they put it out.
If you like what we’ve put out up until this point then you will not be disappointed…or maybe you will be…it is what it is

MPM: Since shows are obsolete for the time being and not bands are able to tour for the time being, what have been some of your favorite things to do in your past time during quarantine?

VF: We’ve just been trying to remain as active as possible within the confines of what we are able to do. We have spent most of this time working on the new record.

MPM: With many artists released on Maggot Stomp anywhere from 200 Stab Wounds, Fluids, Visceral Mass, Coffin Rot and Inoculation to name a few, if you had to recommend anyone wanting to get into that style of Death Metal, what bands would you have them checkout?

VF: You pretty much named all the bands I’ve seen people just getting into this shit checking out. Outside of Maggot Stomp my two personal favorites have been Incinerated and Deliquesce.

MPM: What are your most anticipated releases of 2021 you’re eagerly waiting for to be released?

VF: Seething Malevolence

MPM: When shows was still around, did you prefer playing it live with wide range of people on stage, or do you prefer being in studio recording new music?

VF: Always playing shows over the studio. Two very different kinds of energy but I’ll always take playing a show over any other environment.

MPM: If extreme metal wasn’t in your favor, what occupation do you see yourself doing in the future?

VF: I don’t think it’s ever been in my favor

MPM: The first time I’ve got to hear Vomit Forth I noticed there’s wide branches of different bands in the Death Metal spectrum. Anywhere from Internal Bleeding, Dying Fetus, 200 Stab Wounds and even some Mortal Decay is what I detected after listening to other material by the band. What would you say is your stance is on upcoming and brand new artist’s in the extreme metal community in the next 10-20 years from now?

VF: Between myself and our guitar player (Ricky) there’s definitely a lot of early Mortal Decay and Dying Fetus being played.

Stop making music that you think other people will like and start writing shit that you actually fuck with

MPM: What are some of your favorite hobbies that fans may not expect you to enjoy?

VF: Filling out merch orders

MPM: If you had to pick the ultimate dream lineup tour for Vomit Forth present or artists being split up, who would you take out on the road with?

VF: Eric B. & Rakim, Portishead, Bushwick Bill hologram, Ringworm, Slayer playing Reign in Blood and Seasons back to back 5 times in a row, a nameless band with 3 members standing there running feedback for 30 minutes

MPM: What advice or tips would you give out to musicians starting a band and what would you inform them to get have them be successful for many decades to come?

VF: Play the shit that you want to listen to

MPM: Before wrapping up this interview I would like to thank you for your time and effort in doing this. It’s been such a tough time on all of us in the music industry but the music is what keeping us afloat. There anything you like to add or discuss information prior to new Vomit Forth material or something to the fans to keep in touch with the band?

VF: The new record “Seething Malevolence” will hopefully be out by the end of 2021.
Again truly appreciate you for reaching out. I’m just going to drop the links that we are the most active on
Instagram – @vomitforth
Bandcamp –




Interview by Jake Butler



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