The Finnish black metal scene has had a long history featuring the most influential bands within the last two decades and such. Today, this band Goats Of Doom, are a new discovery I’ve stumbled across and got to check out some of their later works and honestly as someone who isn’t very keen on the black metal genre as much, Goats Of Doom’s style for black metal is such a unique twist and turn for the genre and it made me wanting more coming from the band. Released on Purity Through Fire, Shiva is the latest chapter in the band’s catalog and truth be told, Shiva really intrigued me not because of the band’s imagery, lyrical content or ideologies based what their sound and production is aiming for, but a band like Goats Of Doom which have been developing some interesting elements in the music including synth-based styled of black metal which I really seem to dig and admire the compositions and compassion this band truly delivered.

Musically, Goats Of Doom’s signature style of black metal is very reminiscing of both Finnish and Norwegian genres of black metal that is sort of a cross between Carpathian Forest, Horna, Satanic Warmaster, Behexen, Azazel and Immortal while the vocals tend to be misanthropic and throaty sounding almost as if I were to hear something out of a Tsjuder and Gorgoroth album but for Goats Of Doom’s signature style, deliverance and execution as concerned, they’ve utilized the craftsmanship, technicality and progression prior to past releases and increased the quality of the music to be as accessible as possible. Lyrically, Goats Of Doom’s content is not only interesting despite the album artwork for Shiva is concerned but give in context, they mainly take inspirations of songs such as Uljas uusi maailma, Rotat and Luomiskertomus for instance which all of their lyrics and songtitles are represented in their native language in Finland but what I can tell you is that the lyrics are very comprehensive and intelligent since there’s wide variations of different themes including HP Lovecraftian, Satanism and Thelema but if you’re into the whole black metal scene from Finland chances are Goats Of Doom’s music might be up your alley.

Everything from the guitars, drums, vocals, bass and production is clear, audible and accessible to every instrument provided which not gives it a nice touch and force to bring out a phenomenal balance of heaviness and darkness all around, but for the album’s replay value and presence, it felt a sense of depravity and sorrow to bring any listener of the band’s past material or someone getting into the band, this be a good starting point to get accustomed to the band. Shiva is a album featuring the most eerie, atmospheric and symphonic black metal-esque driven albums everyone should check out for any fans of symphonic black metal or the genre as a whole.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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