EREBOR – Erebor

Formed in 2013 from Durham, England Erebor play a style of HP Lovecraftian, Anti- Thiesm, Social Injustice and fantasy related combination of both Progressive Death and Technical Death Metal. Released on December 31st, 2016 this reissue of self titled EP Erebor consists of four tracks and just clocks in nearly at fourteen minutes in duration. Now upon my first introduction to this band was through a good friend and Youtuber by the name of Ryan J Thirtle who’s the frontman of this establishment. The moment I heard the tracks Monolith To Inhumanity and Malignant Tumour, I was heavily surprised to see influences ranging anywhere from Beyond Creation Equipoise Ne Obliviscaris and Obscura with unique distinctive flavorings of Progressive Technical Death Metal to be a well complex and diverse album. Anywhere from the guitars, vocals, bass, drums and production are all presentable and very well polished where each signature represents organic material. Normally when it comes to EP’s it’s rather difficult to understand the philosophy upon a stylistic approach and with Erebor’s debut reissue of self titled extensive play, it’s a well authentic and experimented record to showcase two various genres onto a fresh intake for the music. Overall, I’m very surprised and intrigued to know this band has a lot of devoted musicianship and the admiration is surprisingly astonishing.

Fans of Progressive Death/ Technical Metal will be in a treat to hear uniqueness and creativity.

Overall score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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