HAIL SPIRIT NOIR To Release Fifth Full Length In September

One year after the release of the Eden In Reverse full length, the Greek masters Hail Spirit Noir are back with the follow-up announcement. The fifth offering is entitled Mannequins and will be set free on September 10th via Agonia Records. All music was recorded by Haris and Sakis, with vocals by Cons Marg and story concept by Theoharis. The album was mixed and mastered by Dimitris Douvras. Fesq.project crafted the artwork and Nikos Tsiolis prepared the layout.

Hail Spirit Noir posted on Facebook:

Mannequins is the band’s first ever soundtrack album and accompanies a story written by the band’s guitarist, Theoharis. Expect no romance, since the story involves aliens, disco clubs, ripped limbs, slashed necks and other beauties. Expect no metal or rock instrumentation, since the music is reminiscent of ’80s horror movie soundtracks and marks a full-blown & daring plunge into a synthwave-meets-sci-fi pop environment.”

Haris from the band comments on the release:

“This album was a nice chance to celebrate the band’s decade of existence. We wrote lots of new material but we also remixed a few tracks and ideas from our entire discography. Different as it may sounds, we believe it still echoes the spirit and essence of HSN’s music. Just drop the needle in your vinyl and dance.”

Tracklist as follows:

01. 12-31-1985: Night Shift
02. Against Your Will, My Blade
03. Mannequins
04. 12-31-1985: Night Shift II
05. The Monsters Came From The Sky
06. Visitors Of Horror
07. Enter Disco Inferno
08. Mannequins II
09. Alien Cell Charging
10. On The Loose Again
11. Ending Crashers
12. Ending Crashers II
13. Crossroads *

* only digi CD



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