DUSK IN SILENCE – Beneath The Great Sky Of Solitude

It is always amazing getting recommended music on Bandcamp that may pique my interest. The Indonesian solo project known as Dusk In Silence did just that with his debut full length “Beneath the Great Sky of Solitude.” From the picturesque album artwork to the logo to the overall sound of the band, you can feel this unforeseen aura radiate from the music. I know, I know, sounds weird at first right? Well honestly there is no way to describe the feelings you will go through listening to this album. It has everything mixed together from atmospheric to melancholic black metal that makes the emotions stir. It really is hard to believe this is Bangoen’s first full length with this project but also not really surprised as he has had many successful musical endeavors through the years.

As stated before, this album has everything I could want in black metal nowadays, a mix of atmospheric, melodic, melancholic and epic all blended together in this amazing black metal smoothie. Tracks like The Goddess of Eclipse and Towards the Infinite Horizon stand out most on this album as they vary in sound consistently and keep you wanting more. The vocals are perfectly planned and overlay the overall atmosphere of this album very well. The guitar riffs are both epic and enchanting as they are emotional and harmonious and work flawlessly with the tightly written drums and fills. This album honestly does not feel like a debut release for a one man project.

Dusk In Silence is what we all needed in solo black metal projects. There is both beauty and ferocity in this release. I did catch myself drifting into a trance while listening to this under the headphones as Bangoen knew how to time everything perfectly and not make a bland and boring, cookie cutter album. “Beneath the Great Sky of Solitude” is a prime example of how diverse and unique black metal can become and should be. Not one moment, track or riff is repetitive or unimaginative. If you are a fan of Saor, Sojourner or just epic, radiant and overall captivating metal, then I would pick up this album, I definitely will be adding this to my favorites of this year.



Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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